Bioterrorism: Threats and Deterrents

Çankaya, S., Kibaroğlu, M.
Pub. date
June 2010
64 of NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - E: Human and Societal Dynamics
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Security & Terrorism, Social Sciences
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This book summarises the lectures presented at the Centre of Excellence – Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) workshop on Bioterrorism of November 2008. The contributors are a diverse group of academics and practitioners, selected for their expertise in the field. Their contributions cover the definition and classification of bioterrorism and take account of its various dimensions, examining the theoretical, historical and practical aspects, as well as the defence against it. Consisting of seven papers and four summaries, the book covers subjects such as biodiversity, the historical use of biological agents and the concern for public safety, the role of the International Science & Technology Center in countering bioterrorism, the Global Forum on Biorisks, threat assessment, animal health and disease with reference to biological safety and the Biological Weapons Convention.
The workshop itself was of necessity restricted to a small number of participants, but with this book, research, experience and perspectives on biological risks can be shared with a wider audience, allowing further consideration and improvements in countering risks and responding to biological threats and attacks. Inaugurated in 2005, COE-DAT is a NATO accredited Centre of Excellence; a unique centre dedicated to Defence Against Terrorism, which provides DAT training and education at strategic and operational levels and contributes to research efforts.