Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

Polit, M., Talbert, T., López, B., Meléndez, J.
Pub. date
October 2006
146 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) forms an essential branch of computer science. The field covered by AI is multiform and gathers subjects as various as the engineering of knowledge, the automatic treatment of the language, the training, to quote only some of them. The history of AI knew various periods of evolution passing from periods of doubt at very fertile periods. AI is now in its maturity and did not remain an isolated field of computer science, but approached various fields like statistics, data analysis, linguistics and cognitive psychology or databases. AI is focused on providing solutions to real life problems and is used now in routine in medicine, economics, military or strategy game. This book focuses on subjects including: Machine Learning, Reasoning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Planning and Robotics and Multiagent Systems. All the papers collected in this volume would be of interest to any computer scientist or engineer interested in AI.