Artificial Intelligence in Education

Building Learning Systems that Care: From Knowledge Representation to Affective Modelling

Dimitrova, V., Mizoguchi, R., Du Boulay, B., Graesser, A.
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June 2009
200 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences
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This publication covers papers presented at AIED2009. AIED2009 is part of an ongoing series of biennial international conferences for top quality research in intelligent systems and cognitive science for educational computing applications. The conference provides opportunities for the cross-fertilization of techniques from many fields that make up this interdisciplinary research area, including: artificial intelligence, computer science, cognitive and learning sciences, education, educational technology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and the many domain-specific areas for which AIED systems have been designed and evaluated.

AIED2009 focuses on the theme "Building learning systems that care: from knowledge representation to affective modelling". The key research question is how to tackle the complex issues related to building learning systems that care, ranging from representing knowledge and context to modelling social, cognitive, metacognitive, and affective dimensions. This requires multidisciplinary research that links theory and technology from artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and computer science with theory and practice from education and the social sciences.