Applied Electromagnetics and Computational Technology II

Tsuboi, H., Vajda, I.
Pub. date
January 2000
16 of Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics
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Electronics/Mechanics, Physics
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The Fifth Japan-Hungary Joint Seminar on Applied Electromagnetics in Materials and Computational Technology is held on September 24-26, 1998 in Budapest, Hungary. The Seminar is organised by the Super Tech Consortium (Hungary), the Hungarian Society of Applied Electronics (Hungary) and the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (Japan).

The objective of the Seminar is to stimulate the exchange of creative ideas, to promote new achievements by bringing together the engineers and scientists of Japan and Hungary working in the field of applied electromagnetics and related areas as well as to discuss the topics of future co-operative research. A special attention will be paid for the work of young scientists.

The scientific program covers the following topics:

- Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields

- Material Modelling in Electromagnetic Fields

- Electromagnetic Non-destructive Testing and Inverse Problems

- High Tc Superconducting Materials and Applications

- Controlled Electrical Drives

This book will be published as the Proceedings of the Fifth Japan-Hungary Joint Seminar including the selected papers which are presented at the Seminar.