Advances in Intelligent IT

Active Media Technology 2006

Li, Y., Looi, M., Zhong, N.
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May 2006
138 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
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Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Communication Sciences, Computer Science
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In the great digital era, we are witnessing many rapid scientific and technological developments in human-centered, seamless computing environments, interfaces, devices and systems with applications ranging from business and communication to entertainment and learning. These developments are collectively best characterized as Active Media Technology (AMT), a new area of intelligent information technology and computer science that emphasizes the proactive, seamless roles of interfaces and systems as well as new media in all aspects of digital life. An AMT based computer system offers services that enable the rapid design, implementation, deploying and support of customized solutions.

This book brings together papers from researchers from diverse areas, such as Web intelligence, data mining, intelligent agents, smart information use, networking and intelligent interface. The book includes papers on the following topics: Active Computer Systems and Intelligent Interfaces; Adaptive Web Systems and Information Foraging Agents; Web mining, Wisdom Web and Web Intelligence; E-Commerce and Web Services; Data Mining, Ontology Mining and Data Reasoning; Network, Mobile and Wireless Security; Entertainment and Social Applications of Active Media; Agent-Based Software Engineering and Multi-Agent Systems; Digital City and Digital Interactivity; Machine Learning and Human-Centered Robotics; Multi-Modal Processing, Detection, Recognition, and Expression Analysis; Personalized, Pervasive, and Ubiquitous Systems and their Interfaces; Smart Digital Media; and Evaluation of Active Media and AMT Based Systems.

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