A Roadmap for Infrastructure Appraisal

Studies in Transportation Sciences Series

Delft University Press
De Jong, M., Geerlings, H.
Pub. date
January 2004
ISBN print
Transportation Sciences
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During the past three years Harry Geerlings (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Martin de Jong (Technical University Delft) have been working on a project for the Transport Research Centre (AVV), the Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division (DWW) and Erasmus University Rotterdam with the ultimate aim of putting forward building blocks for an alternative appraisal system for large-scale infrastructure that could actually be used when appraising and making decisions on transport infrastructure in the Netherlands. The project was one of the activities of TRAIL Research School.

This book contains a collection of all the English-language publications and has a decidedly scientific slant for the academic society. Therefore it is published in the TRAIL publication series. The project also produced a popular essay on decision-making and infrastructure appraisal. This book is entitled Roadmap for Infrastructure Appraisal: a study into the appraisal of large-scale infrastructure and will be widely distributed among stakeholders in the Dutch appraisal process, such as politician, policymakers, consultants, representatives from the private sector and different interest groups.