About IOS Press

About us:

IOS Press is an independent, international STM publishing house established in 1987 in Amsterdam. One of our guiding principles is to embrace the benefits a lean organization offers. While our goal is to keep things simple, we strive to meet the highest professional standards. Our business practices are straightforward, transparent and ethical.

Our dedicated and experienced employees are our greatest asset. Guided by our core staff in Amsterdam, we manage a global network of editors, authors, librarians, representatives, agents, book importers, content hosts and typesetters, who all actively contribute to our business. We value and sustain long-term relationships with all of our contacts.

We prefer informality and are open and flexible in our daily business. Our streamlined organizational structure enables us to minimize bureaucracy and communicate on a very personal level, quickly and efficiently. We want to make working with IOS Press a pleasant and rewarding experience.

IOS Press is a reliable partner for any publishing project. We are committed to quality and meeting the challenges of juggling constant deadlines. Since the STM publishing industry is rapidly changing, we devote substantial resources into staying on top of new technologies and into driving innovation.

What we do:

IOS Press serves the information needs of scientific and medical communities worldwide. IOS Press now publishes more than 100 international journals and approximately 75 book titles each year on subjects ranging from computer sciences and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences.

IOS Press offers distinct benefits to academic, government and corporate libraries as well as to readers, authors and editors. These include:

  • Entrepreneurial, personalized approach to publishing process
  • High visibility and discoverability of published content
  • High-quality publications guided by international experts
  • Flexible licensing agreements
  • Hybrid publishing models (traditional and open access)
  • Archiving in perpetuity

Headquartered in Amsterdam with satellite offices in the USA, Germany and China, IOS Press continues its rapid growth, embracing new technologies for the timely dissemination of information. All journals and books are available electronically. Click here to download a brochure listing our features. 

Our history:

IOS Press and Ohmsha (Tokyo, Japan) re-established the Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Aka GmbH in Berlin, Germany, which publishes books and journals in German. The first book appeared in 1997, the first journal in 1998. IOS Press is responsible for the marketing of the English language part of the Aka list.

In 1998 a joint venture between Science Press (Beijing, China), Ohmsha and IOS Press was established in Beijing, reflecting the ever-increasing importance of scientific research being conducted in China. This company publishes for the Chinese market and does typesetting work in world languages.

As of 1998, IOS Press became the publisher for the NATO Advanced Study Institutes and Partnership subseries publications in the subject disciplines of Life and Behavioural Sciences and Computer & Systems Sciences. In 2005, NATO’s Security through Science Program was launched, resulting in two new book series for IOS Press; Information and Communication and Human and Societal Dynamics.

In October 2005, IOS Press took over Delft University Press, a well-established Dutch university publishing house. The complete list of Delft University Press, which was built up by the scientific publishing house of the TU Delft over 30 years, now consists of  around 1000 titles.


1987:   IOS Press founded, headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1990:   IOS Press, Inc. established in the Washington, DC area

1990:   Co-publishing relationship established with Ohmsha. Ltd., Tokyo

1996:   IOS Press and Ohmsha re-established the Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Aka GmbH in Berlin, Germany

1998:   Joint venture between Science Press, Beijing, Ohmsha and IOS Press established

1998:   IOS Press becomes official publisher for the NATO Advanced Study Institutes and Partnership subseries

2000:   Aka merged with Infix, publisher of German-language books in Artificial Intelligence and other areas of Computer Science

2005:   Acquisition of Delft University Press

2006:   eBook platform launched

2008:   Acquisition of Millpress Science Publishers

2016:   1000th ebook published

2017:   Celebrating 30 year anniversary

2018:   Launch of LD Connect, a Linked Data portal containing linked metadata on all IOS Press publications