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The IOS Press Neuro Journals Package features a portfolio of international, rigorously peer-reviewed journals that promote translational medicine. They are dedicated to advancing research, identifying preventive methods, improving diagnosis and treatment and working towards finding a cure for neurodegenerative and other neurological disorders.

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Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will help expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. Groundbreaking research that has appeared in the journal includes novel therapeutic targets, mechanisms of disease and clinical trial outcomes.


Editor-in-Chief: George Perry, PhD, University of Texas, San Antonio

Impact Factor: 4.151*
Indexed in Medline
Volumes 49-54 (24 issues)
ISSN 1875-8908


Journal of Parkinson’s Disease
Designed to promote the exchange of ideas and disseminate original research in basic sciences, translational research, and clinical medicine that will expedite our fundamental understanding and improve treatment of Parkinson’s disease.


Editors-in-Chief: Patrik Brundin, MD, PhD, Van Andel Research Institute, and J. William Langston, MD, The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center

Impact Factor: 1.910*
Indexed in Medline
Volume 6 (4 issues)
ISSN 1877-718X


Journal of Huntington’s Disease
Facilitates progress in understanding the genetics, molecular correlates, pathogenesis, pharmacology, diagnosis and treatment of Huntington’s disease and related disorders.

Editors-in-Chief: Blair R. Leavitt, MD, MC, The University of British Columbia, and Leslie M. Thompson, PhD, University of California

Indexed in Medline
Volume 5 (4 issues)
ISSN 1879-6400


Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases
Facilitates progress in understanding the genetics, molecular correlates, pathogenesis, pharmacology, diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases.

Editors-in-Chief: Carsten G. Bönnemann, MD, NIH, and Hanns Lochmüller, MD, Newcastle University

Volume 3 (4 issues)
ISSN 2214-3602


An Interdisciplinary Journal
Established more than 20 years ago, providing scientifically based, practical information relevant to all aspects of neurologic rehabilitation and the full life span and range of neurological disabilities including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular disease and other neurological disorders.

Editors-in-Chief: Nathan D. Zasler, MD, Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, and Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

Impact Factor: 1.124*
Indexed in Medline
Volumes 38-39 (8 issues)
ISSN 1878-6448


Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience
Publishes papers relating the plasticity and response of the nervous system to accidental or experimental injuries and their interventions, transplantation, neurodegenerative disorders and experimental strategies to improve regeneration or functional recovery and rehabilitation.

Editor-in-Chief: Bernhard A. Sabel, PhD, University of Magdeburg

Impact Factor: 2.490*
Indexed in Medline
Volume 34 (6 issues)
ISSN 1878-3627


Journal of Vestibular Research
Equilibrium & Orientation — An International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Vestibular Science
Provides an avenue for communications that spans the basic and applied areas of vestibular science. It publishes experimental and observational studies, review papers and theoretical papers based on current knowledge of the vestibular system.

Editor-in-Chief: Joseph M. Furman, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Impact Factor: 1.190*
Indexed in Medline
Volume 26 (6 issues)
ISSN 1878-6464


Advances in Neuroimmune Biology
Explores the nervous, endocrine and immune systems from a regulatory network perspective, including physiologic and pathophysiologic processes.

Editors-in-Chief: Istvan Berczi, DVM, PhD, University of Manitoba, and Toshihiko Katafuchi, MD, PhD, Kyushu University

Indexed in Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index
Volume 6 (4 issues)
ISSN 1878-9498



Brain Plasticity
Covers modifications to neural circuits in the developing and adult brain, whether by learning or physical activity, spine formation, changes in neural structure, changes in neural networks, new cell division, as well as response of the CNS to experimental injuries, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

Co-Editors-in-Chief: H. van Praag, PhD, National Institute on Aging, Bernard Zalc, MD, UPMC, and X. Zhao, PhD, University of Wisconsin

Volume 2 (2 issues)
ISSN 2213-6312

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