Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science

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64; 4 issues
Last issue (63:3) online on 01 September 2015
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63:4 scheduled for December 2015
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Environmental Sciences
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The Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science aims

(a) to cultivate and promote soil science and kindred branches of science;
(b) to disseminate the knowledge of soil science and its applications, through meetings, discussions, and publications;
(c) to promote judicious interactive use of soil, water and other natural resources, fertilizer and other inputs to maintain quality and resilience of soil for sustainable agriculture;
(d) to foster high standards in the teaching and education of soil science;
(e) to work in close association with learned societies and organisations having similar objectives;
(f) to create public awareness about the importance of soil as a finite natural resource; and
(g) to carry out research and to perform all other acts, matters, and things that may assist in, or be conduce to, or be necessary for the fulfillment of objectives and purposes of the Society.

Dr B.S. Dwivedi

Dr Tapan Adhikari
Dr Ranjan Bhattacharyya
Dr A.K. Biswas
Dr S.K. Chaudhari
Dr S.P. Datta
Dr V.K. Kharche
Dr S.S. Kukal
Dr Lata
Dr Kaushik Majumdar
Dr S.K. Mahapatra
Dr M.C. Manna
Dr A.L. Pharande
Dr Dhyan Singh
Dr Ch. Srinivasarao
Dr S.K. Singh
Dr AK Srivastava
Dr D.R. Biswas (Ex-officio)
Dr A.K. Patra (Ex-officio)

International Consulting Editors
Dr J.D. Beaton
Dr K. Harmsen
Dr Rattan Lal
Dr Paul L.G. Vlek


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